7th of Apri, Komsomolsk, Ukraine

“Sebo Party” – 1st Russian Cup 2012 kayak freestyle competition took place on April 7, 2012 in the town of Komsomolskoye, Ukraine.

The water level on Hohlobochka, a well known Ukrainian playspot, was slightly low for back blunts and some other vertical moves, but it was at a good level for front blunts, helixes and Mc Nasties.

There were more than 30 competitors and more than 100 spectators and after party participants.

This event was organized by three white water clubs: ABV (Whitewater Academy) and Kayak-n-Roll from Moscow and Kievkayaks from Kiev with the assistance of Russian Whitewater Slalom Federation. Organizers express their thanks to all partners and sponsors: Kayaker.ru, Monster energy, Geolink, Stream, K-play, Ordana, Neris.


K1W final:

  1. Denisova Elena  (Takeda) – ABV, Moscow
  2. Orlova Anna – Kayaker.ru, Sankt-Peterburg
  3. Sidorova Alla – Agentstvo Vengrova, Moscow
  4. Sergeeva Olga – ABV, Moscow
  5. Knyazeva Maris – DK Kayak, Moscow
  6. Zakharova Natalia – Novosibirsk

K1M final:

  1. Vasin Konstantin (Doctor) – ABV, Moscow
  2. Danilov Dmitry – Moscow
  3. Burov Mikhail – Kayak-n-Roll, Zelenograd
  4. Pesterev Andrey – Korolev
  5. Rybnikov Ivan – Moscow

Full results in Russian are here: Download

Photos are here: http://www.kayaknroll.ru/photo/sebo-pati-2012-foto/


Video are here: http://vimeo.com/40609333