Бэкстаб (Backstab) или Бэк Блант (Back Blunt) – смена кормового серфа на носовой, выполненная вне пены с вертикальным углом более 45°.
Выполняется на левую или правую стороны. 70 очков.


Текст от Эрика Джексона (пятикратного чемпиона мира по фристайлу на бурной воде).
Learning to do any move backwards requires confidence and control in the back surf. I recommend that anyone wanting to do backstabs, aerial backstabs, or especially the McNasty start off doing some old fashioned backsurfing. I do almost every-time. For example, when I take my tips off the Transformer and paddle with just the bumpers, I need to do some backsurfing because the ends want to catch easier than with the tips, and you can’t commit if you are worried about just backsurfing.

Let’s do one (фото по шагам 1-7 представлены ниже):
1. As with any move you want to get air on, you need to first get to the top of the wave so you are already up high, and you have potential energy. You can get there by surfing to the edge and then spinning backwards, doing a blunt which usually puts you back up top, or carving out backwards to the edge which will put you up on top too. I will let you decided and practice this skill on your own.

2. Let’s assume you want to turn to the right.

3. Get on top of the wave, keeping your body neutral over the boat and straight up. Your paddle is just controlling the boat.

4. When you feel yourself falling into the wave drop your right edge down about 15 degrees with a slight hip tilt, also pull your body forward so you are weighting the bow. Your left blade should be in the water and ready to sweep.

5. You should be looking at the stern and the over your right shoulder (always lead with your body. Hard to do? Get my Strokes and Concepts DVD or book and learn it!)

6. As your stern lifts up because your bow is digging into the wave, quickly transfer your boat from the right to left edge. This motion will cause the bow to pop out of the water, and since your stern is already up in the air, the end result will be that your entire boat will be aerial.

7. Keep your weight forward as you do a hard forward sweep to throw your bow up in the air and upstream.

8. Keep your weight forward as your bow lands in a front surf, flatten the boat out if you want to surf, keep the edge dropped if you want another end after the backstab.

9. Do a hard stroke on the right side to assure you stay on the wave.

This is a little simplistic but if you are doing air blunts you will find the necessary ingredients to get your aerial backstab here.


Фото от Jackson Kayak Team:


Видео от Freestyle Kayak Tricks Workshop.