РаундХаус (Roundhouse) – Смена носового серфа на кормовой, выполненная вне пены с вертикальным углом 0- 45°.
Выполняется на левую или правую стороны. 15 очков.


So you really want to learn the Blunt – the staple dynamic wave move that gets you vertical and ultimately aerial faster than any other. The Roundhouse is your stepping stone. The Roundhouse is simply an aggressive 180 spin on a wave against the grain. This means if you are carving over to your left then you would spin or roundhouse to your right. Learning this move sets you free from the normal routines of the beginning playboater because once you realize that you can spin against the grain you will find that staying on a wave or in a hole just became a lot easier! Let’s learn the move:

1. Surf to the top of the wave by carving or spinning. From here you can generate drop in speed and carving speed. Both of which you want.
2. Begin dropping in while carving across the wave. On a small wave you may only have one second of dropping and carving before you need to do the move. So be prepared to execute the next step immediately.
3. Switch your edge from the way you were carving to the other edge as quickly as you can, at the same time:
Hit your backsweep to spin the boat
Throw your body weight forward to release the stern and load the bow
4. Now you are backwards and only need to hit a backstroke to assure that you stay on the wave.
5. Enjoy the backsurf

The feeling you will have is that of a short fall and carve, then an explosive spin into a backsurf. It is a short learning curve from the Roundhouse to the Blunt!

If you feel like the boat drags and then you flush out. It is likely:

1. You aren’t releasing the stern by leaning forward.
2. You aren’t using a proper backsweep to spin the boat (see Strokes and Concepts or Playboating Basics)